Development Squad

Development is the entry level for squad swimming.  Children must be able to swim 50 metres Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke as well as 25 metres Butterfly.  Correct technique in all four strokes is emphasised. Racing skills and turns are introduced and Racing Dives are further developed.

  • Maximum of 5 sessions per week.
  • Required Equipment: Kickboard, Pullbuoy.
  • 60 minute classes – Monday to Friday afternoons at 3:30pm.
  • Cost: $130 per month.

Transitional Squad

This squad caters to swimmers aged 10 years and over who have begun competing and are interested in further skill acquisition. Test Sets Apply.

A focus on stroke technique continues while basic aerobic conditioning sets are introduced. Emphasis is placed on extending swimmers through 100 metre repeats. Race-specific skills are developed.

  • Minimum of 3 sessions per week.
  • Maximum of 5 sessions per week for 10 year olds.
  • Maximum of 6 sessions per week for 11 year olds.
  • Required Equipment: Kickboard, Pullbuoy.
  • 90 minutes classes – Monday to Friday afternoons at 4:00pm and Saturday mornings at 7:00am.
  • Cost: $145 per month.

Performance Squad

This squad is designed for swimmers 12 years and over who intend to compete at a State and/or National level.  Places are offered to children who have identified swimming as their main sport and who display a good work ethic.  Physiological conditioning is emphasised including Aerobic Threshold, Production/Removal and Lactate Accumulation.  Race pacing is introduced and technique is constantly developed. Test Sets apply.

  • Minimum of 5 sessions per week.
  • Required Equipment: Kickboard, Pullbuoy, Paddles, short fins, skipping rope
  • 2 hours classes – Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings at 5:30am and Saturday mornings at 7:00am.  Monday to Friday afternoons at 4:00pm.
  • Cost: $165 per month.

Adults Squad

Our Adult Squad is open to a broad range of abilities from basic (25 metres) to advanced.  Consisting mainly of swimmers preparing for triathlons, our focus is correct Freestyle technique, efficiency and ultimately the physical conditioning to prepare for distance open water events.

  • Squads run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 5:30am.
  • Cost: $12 per session casual attendance.
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