Project Description


The Environmental Manager for Shell Queensland called IRT to investigate a hydrocarbon smell inside the store at a service station in Toowoomba. The staff were feeling sick and the service station had been shut down. Shell felt that somewhere fuel was leaking.


By using a CCTV camera IRT checked sewer, storm water and all plumbing connections. IRT found that the sewer main had been re-lined and after contacting council they said it wasn’t up to legal standards. After conferring with air conditioning engineers, all plumbing was fine, with no major issue identified. At 6 o’clock on the third day IRT realised that a ‘slurpee’ machine had been installed just inside the door of the store. It had a drip tray at the back of the machine and when this filled to 5 litres it pumped the excess up into the ceiling and down into the kitchen sink into the F&T trap. IRT realised and tested the next day. When the pump turned on, if it pumped too quickly it would suck the seal out of the F&T trap thereby creating a vacuum. Methane would come up through the sewer into the return air duct.


After correctly analysing and testing the problem IRT did what? IAN WHAT WAS THE SOLUTION?